Why Working Smarter?

Robin at Pai Hia, New Zealand
Hi, I'm Robin Henry, a retired adult educator, human resources specialist, writer, and business consultant.

During my long and varied working career, it was evident that there are thousands of products, services, processes etc that could be done better. Improving those things has been an area of interest to me for decades.

When I see something that could be improved, I try to improve it. For a couple of years I worked in a police department team whose job was to improve police practices and procedures. I found the work interesting, intellectually challenging and worthwhile.

Unfortunately, I see many engineered products that need improvement, but regrettably, I'm not an engineer, so I just groan and keep to those things I understand. One of those things is business communication which I taught and have practised for decades.

The aim of this blog is to help you improve your personal and business performance even if only making you aware of something that needs improving. I hope you find much of value and look forward to engaging in mutually beneficial discussion with you.

I need also to tell you that the sponsors links on this site generate a commission for me if you click on them. After all, I have to eat too.

Robin Henry

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