Thursday, December 14, 2017

How I manage my email accounts

Back in the days when I was engaged in recruiting for an Australian Government agency, I recall how many really stupid email addresses I received from job applicants. 

You know, the email addresses like "bigcock8", "friendlypuss", "maddy82", "tattooedkid", and a host of others totally unsuited for use in the workforce. Even less suited to a job application.

Irrespective of their email prefixes, I had to take a serious look at each application and eventually sift out the few people likely to make a worthwhile contribution to the Australian Public Service. So, I did. But I always had a laugh at some of the email addresses and wondered whether the person who had chosen them really knew how childish they were.

Like the separation of church and state, business and pleasure, I always separate my business, individual, family and private email. I have three email addresses. They are a:

1. general purpose email address that doesn't identify me by name
2. business address that identifies me by name with my domain as the suffix
3. a joint address with my wife that identifies both of us by first name

The business address runs through my domain. Both of the other addresses are Gmail addresses.

Address one is the one I use for most daily activities that are personal ie, newsletter subscriptions, general enquiries and for many profiles.

The third address, the joint address with my wife, we use for all official purposes eg, taxation, private medical fund, insurance, car registration, banking and anything else that involves our joint personal business. I've set up that address so that, when it is used by someone, both my wife and I receive a copy of the email in our disposable Gmail accounts. For me, that is account one. My wife has a similar account.

This ensures that we are both aware of what is happening with our business relationships and also helps us avoid missing the due date for bills; either one of us will be on the ball enough to pay it.

By using our joint name address, people with whom we deal know they are addressing us both. It looks more professional than say an address like, "cactus56" that could be used for informal activities.

Your Turn!

Do you have a communication plan or methodology you follow for your email contact with others or haven't you thought about it? Tell us in the comments.


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