Friday, November 24, 2017

Has it really been four months?

Houses at Venice, Italy
I can't believe four months have passed since I last posted on Working Smarter.

Since I retired from my job at a prison, life has been hectic. I don't know how I ever had time to work eight hours per day, seven days per week for 51 years. I did enjoy all the jobs I had, but it's great to have all day, every day, to do whatever I want, rather than have to be working for the man - or the government.

So what have I done this year?

In early March, 2017 I flew from Perth, Australia to Hong Kong and thence to the once United Kingdom. From the UK, I flew to Malaga in Spain and travelled by train to Portugal. Then I went back to the UK, this time to Scotland.

After visiting friends in Scotland and having a look about Aberdeen, Arbroath, Edinburgh, and a few other places, I flew to Geneva, Switzerland so I could attend Baselworld 2017, the world's greatest watch and jewellery event. From there, it was off to Brussels to join a three week bus tour of Europe.

Next, it was a cruise around Norway, Denmark, Sweden and nearby countries. By then it had all become somewhat of a blur - visiting different places every day or so is tiring and ultimately you can't recall if you were at Keil in Germany or Rome in Italy.

But, somehow I survived and when the cruise ended at Copenhagen, Denmark, I spent a few days there and then flew back to Aberdeen and spent the next four weeks driving all over Scotland, England and Wales.

I achieved two Bucket List aims. One was to visit Arbroath, Scotland where my great grandfather, eight generations removed, lived before he was transported to Australia for stealing cheese. (Every Australian wants to find a convict in their past) The other was to visit Pembroke Dock in Wales where my father flew from during WWII in Sunderland flying boats intercepting and sinking German submarines.

Ultimately, it was back to Australia via Hong Kong and back to my real life and after a short stint at Alice Springs, off again in the caravan for a circuitous trip east to Queensland, south to New South Wales, across the top of Victoria to South Australia and then back up the centre of Australia to Alice Springs where I sit and type.

In January I will be moving to our new house in the Barossa Valley, Australia's principal wine growing area.

Why do I tell you all this? Simple. It's because one day, like me, you will retire from work and need to keep yourself in food, clothing and accommodation until you are harvested by the Grim Reaper.

How you do that is the topic for my next post. Stay tuned.


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