Monday, February 13, 2017

Just Another Smart Company

Bremont's US Navy F14 Watch
I've spent a lot of time working on capability statements that describe the benefits an organisation can provide to its clients. Central to these is the concept of a unique selling proposition (USP).

Unique things organisations do makes them stand out from other suppliers. Their USP describes their strength in a market that nobody else has.

Two young men with a history in aviation, Nick and Giles English commenced Bremont Chronometers and their USP can be seen in this snip from their site:
Time began for Bremont in 2002, when we embarked on a journey to make beautifully crafted pilot’s watches of exceptional quality. Inspired by a love of flying historic aircraft, of watches and all things mechanical, our timepieces had to be tested beyond the normal call of duty.
They have decided to focus on pilot's watches and interestingly, most of the materials they use in constructing their watches come from old aircraft, ejection seats and even the wartime cryptography machines used at Bletchley Park.

Bremont watches are all hand made and they stand alone within a watch industry that has hundreds, if not thousands of players producing a cornucopia of chronometers. Bremont watches are indeed unique in every way.

If you visit their site, and I highly recommend it, you'll see they are producing military watches for various countries targeting specific parts of the military operation eg, Navy, Air Force and specific squadrons. Click here to be astonished at how many different watches there are for the various branches of the military.

In a world where watches are ubiquitous, Nick and Giles have come up with a smart idea about how to differentiate their products from all the others. Not only that, they are doing what they truly love - being involved in and with the aviation industry.

If you love what you do and manage to keep the debt collectors from the front door, you are indeed fortunate.

What firms do you know that warrant the "smart" tag? Let me know in the comments and maybe I can write a piece on them. 


Photo acknowledgement: Bremont Chronometers

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