Thursday, May 5, 2016

Why You Need Google's "My Business"

When Madonna and Christian are driving round town and suddenly decide they'll buy a pizza for dinner, one of them (hopefully not the driver) will take out their smart phone and enter something like, "pizza shops West Melbourne" in the search engine field.

Within seconds, a list of pizza outlets within the region will appear. Some will be more detailed than others. The detailed ones will have a carefully completed My Business account from Google.

The Google My Business accounts will have a location map, customer reviews, perhaps some discussion between the owner and customers or some advice from the owner, some photos of the shop, and full details of hours of operation, contact details and more.

The potential caller will click on the number and order a pizza.

You need to accept Google's offer of a free site at My Business because:
  1.  It's free (duh!)
  2. Everyone is now using a smart-phone instead of the Yellow Pages
  3. You can keep in touch with your customers
  4. It's good for advertising your business and placing photos of you, your team, your business premises, or all of those
  5. You can be found across devices, on Google +, Google Maps etc

I know that a lot of things that are free are not necessarily good, however, anything Google provides for free is bound to be very useful. 

My Business replaces Google Places where Google had begun setting up a site for every business it could find during searches. Owners of the sites have to complete the data. My Business is an extension of this.

To get further information, visit Google My Business.


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