Friday, March 25, 2016

Why Promotional Products Are More Important Than Ever

These days most business communication and contact is via email, messaging and the internet. And while business is about relationships, modern communications and ordering platforms have reduced the level of personal contact in most people's business days.Long gone are the times when sales reps regularly visited their buyers and even traditional retail patterns are changing so rapidly that now many people find their purchases sitting on the front porch when they get home without having ever spoken with a sales assistant or met face-to-face with another human being.

The need to maintain a level of personal involvement and build a personal relationship with business associates is still important to the long term success of any brand. The opportunity for marketers in the modern business environment, with many people physically disconnected from their business contacts, results in the cost-effectiveness of traditional relationship building techniques like the use of promotional products to be greater than ever before. Because promotional products fit naturally with the other elements of a marketing program, selecting the right item which represents brand values and engages at an emotional level with people is not just an investment in making people like you by handing them a free gift, it can enhance the emotional aspects of business interdependence while highlighting your mainstream brand advertising message.

It might be that you have been taking orders from a client for many years which nobody in your company has ever met with or even spoken with on the phone. This would have been unheard of a decade ago but now with more and more efficient means of electronic communications available and fewer staff on the road it's quite a common occurrence. It's a fact of human psychology that such a business relationship is more tenuous that one built on personal contact even though on paper orders appearing to come through without any investment is an accountant's dream come true. With the ability to find a long list of potential competitive suppliers only as far away as the use of a search engine it's only a matter of a simple mistake or a forgotten email reply for this customer to be lost to a competitor as the personal involvement which often causes errors to be forgiven and forgotten does not underly the business relationship.

To offset this growing problem in a disconnected business world many companies are increasing their investment in promotional products. It may sound counter intuitive that a tangible good is finding favour over a further investment in electronic communication but part of the reason for this surge in interest is the realisation amongst successful online marketers that their business can never be solid and reliable without work on the personal relationships which underpin the process of brand selection and repeat ordering. In a world of bits and bytes the sudden appearance of a real item which engages and entertains cuts through the endless electronic clutter and is all the more powerful because it is real and unavoidable. And all the better if that promotional product says something about your relationship and the product you supply.

It's even unusual these days for companies to order Christmas gifts and hand them out to their clients where this was a mainstay of business marketing for generations. The advantage here for promotional marketers is that in such a case the cost-effectiveness of an investment in relationship enhancing gifts increases accordingly with the lack of competitor activity. Whether it's by shipping a bonus branded item to customers with their order or by simply sending a "thank you" gift to those who are loyal and pay promptly you will find that a well targeted promotional item is more appreciated and effective than it has ever been before.

Post by guest author Bill McGrath

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  1. I've received a tonne of promotional products over the years, some more useful than others. Some of the most used were ball caps, pens, calendars, and USB drives.


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