Friday, March 4, 2016

What I Miss - Working at Home

Working at home has a number of benefits, like every morning when I get out of bed, I don't have to shave, iron a shirt and travel to a workplace. No, those days are over. 

All I do now is walk to the coffee machine, make a coffee, switch on my laptop and think about the day's tasks.

Occasionally it gets a little lonely. My wife works part time so she drives off and I'm all alone. This never happened when I was working in an office. I used to enjoy the social interaction of my fellow employees, the drinks after work on Friday, morning teas for people leaving, having their first child, or getting a promotion.

None of that happens at home.

Frequently, I would fly off to other parts of Australia to attend professional seminars, training and development events, or organisational meetings. It presented excellent networking opportunities where I'd meet new people and catch up with people from my own organisation who worked at different geographical locations. It was all paid for by my employer.

None of that happens at home.

Occasionally, something exciting would happen within the organisation. A new computer system would be introduced, the CEO would visit our remote office, or we'd get a pay rise. These were all events that were interesting or beneficial. Having a chance to talk with the person at the very top and to hear about what is happening throughout the organisation was great.

None of that happens at home - I'm the CEO and never give myself a pay rise.

Meetings were often a drag, but I also attended meetings with people from other organisations which were interesting, challenging, and often led to excellent cross-organisational outcomes.

As a human resources specialist, I had the opportunity to give people jobs, some of them their first job; to mentor junior employees, to help them grow their careers, and to advise middle and senior managers. This was all personally satisfying and a part of my job I liked very much.

None of that happens at home.

Although I still mentor a few developing managers, I often think about my days in the corporate/government world and the things I miss about that experience. Fortunately, the benefits of working at home outweigh those things I miss, so there's no thought of returning to the office.

Do you work at or from home? Do you miss the corporate world?


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