Saturday, December 12, 2015

How to Generate a Phenomenal Amount of Money

One of the slickest business models I've seen is a tried and tested formula that generates a phenomenal amount of income.

It's the cruising industry. Yes, you read it correctly. I experienced this industry recently on a 33 day cruise from Sydney, Australia that circumnavigated Australia and New Zealand ending up back at Sydney on the east coast.

My wife and I went on the Diamond Princess and have previously toured on the Sea and Sun Princesses on different tours.

The formula to generate a phenomenal amount of money is this:

  1. Identify a target market, in this case, well-heeled retirees and older workers who don't have to stay home and get kids to school etc
  2. Provide a luxurious experience aboard a beautifully fitted out well equipped ship
  3. Make sure food and alcohol is available almost 24/7
  4. Throw in a number of high-priced land tours at the destinations the ship will visit
  5. Load everyone and everything on board and set sail 
It's a great experience and a top money spinner for Princess Cruises and no doubt other touring companies.

For the duration of the trip, all you have to do is get up in the morning, take care of your personal needs and get yourself to a food source, the pool, or entertainment venue. If you prefer, you can sit around all day somewhere and read or write, snooze, watch the other passengers, or visit the onboard shops.

Everything you see and do is quality. The foods are excellent as is the customer service with hundreds of mainly young men and women there to clean your accommodation, serve you food and drinks and to chat with. They are very friendly.

When the ship visits ports, you can choose to remain on board or tour the city independently, or with an arranged tour.

It's a great experience I recommend if you haven't already done it and it's a well-deserved phenomenal money earner.

Photo: Princess Cruises

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