Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Top 5 Home Security Tips


A burglar is not someone who is really brainy to find ways and tricks to break in your house. He just looks some of your carelessness towards your home’ security and takes advantage of that to enter in your home. Although there are many security advices you will come across on the web, through your closed ones but most of them either you ignore or forget to follow.

Therefore, we have come up with this post that gives you simple yet tricky ways to befool the burglar.


You might have installed high-tech security systems at your place but still your house was easily targeted. You know why? Because you are still inclined to careless habits like leaving the garage door open which provides an easy way for the burglar to break in your house.

Read on to know the ways you can increase security of your homes and prevent break-ins.

1.   Efficient Alarm System
An alarm system is as important as a telephone, electricity and water supply in your place. It is a basic way to protect your home from unwanted intruder and burglars. They can send an immediate alert to emergency authorities of the danger and immediate action can be taken. Most intruders run away after seeing an alarm system in the house.

2.   Make your home look occupied
Always make sure that your house appears to be occupied even while you are away at your work. Professional burglars leave no chance to break into an empty house. If you are away on a long vacation then don’t leave any sign that there is no one inside it. You can make use of automatic timers to turn lights on and off while you’re away. You should also ask your newspaper vendor to not to deliver the daily till you are not back.

3.   Install deadbolt locks
Make sure all the exterior doors of your house have deadbolt locks with at least 1 inch thickness. Although they will cost you more than spring latch locks but they are much stronger and reliable in terms of protection. When you get deadbolts installed, check that the locksmith leaves a gap between the door and its frame because this can make it easier for the burglar to pry the door apart. You can add strength to your doors by adding plywood or a piece of sheet metal.

4.   Don’t leave the keys under the doormat
Many homeowners have this habit of leaving the key under the doormat or inside the mailbox while leaving the house. But this is an easy target by many burglars and thus never ever leaves your house keys here in the future. You can instead warp it in a foil and hide it in a secret place where no one except your family members can find it.

5.   Install high security windows
Like doors windows are also at a target of burglars who often enter into homes through windows. You can consult a locksmith to install locks at windows and burglar-resistant glass. Look for window options that are difficult to break in. For example: instead of choosing a large glass pain, you can install multiple small panes of glass.

About The Author:

Cameron Gibbs is an Author and Business associate for Diamond Lock and Security – an Australia based locksmith service provider. He has a great technical knowledge in the field of security solutions for homes and businesses.

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  1. You would think some of these tips would be common sense but they really are not. We utilize all these tips in our own home, after a string of break in's occurred last year. It's stressful and worrisome to know someone is trying to get into homes in your area especially when you have kids at home. Another great tip is to have a well lit yard.

    Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock


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