Friday, November 20, 2015

Make Your Office Greener

By John Stone

21st century will surely be remembered for raising the ecological awareness of the entire global populace, because in the last couple of decades we’ve inflicted substantial damage to our planet and such effects simply have to be reversed. So where do you start? The ‘act locally, think globally’ principle is always a good practice. However, we humans tend to degrade our environment and over-exploit our resources because we consider that to be “a good business”. So, let’s see how we can implement change in our offices in order to make our workplaces and work ethics greener and suited for sustainability. 

Start from the staff

The first order of business should be to focus on the people that work with you (a real leader knows that your employees work with you, not for you). All of you together are a team who have to acknowledge and embrace your differences, but you also have to have a uniformed mind-set in certain aspects. One of those aspects is in fact the behavior on how to perceive and put to practice the ecological standards. The necessity of recycling should be deeply considered, finding greener forms of transportation, too; and if your employees also adapt their personal life habits to this policy, than positive local change is imminent. 

Energy consumption

If you learn how to save on energy consumption, it will definitely go a long way for the environment as well as your wallet. Energy-reliant businesses have to simply replace some of the office appliances with the ones that don’t drain too much electricity and water. An office is usually stacked with papers, so there’s bound to be a printer around, but if you use printers which use ink cartridges, instead of ones which use laser technology, you will instantly be able to tell the economic difference. Remember, once you find means to preserve energy, you will also be cutting down your costs as a result. 

Heating and lighting

It’s the same as home improvement, if you want to deal with heating properly, you need to install a good insulation to keep the cold air away. It will most definitely help you save money on a yearly basis. Less electricity will be used and less fossil fuels will be burned, too, so it is clear why this change is so beneficial for the green cause. Also, change your light bulbs into energy efficient ones, like the green LED light bulbs, install double-glazing windows and remember that natural illumination by daylight has no alternative, so aim to have a large amount of windows to light the place up evenly. 

Use less paper, please

We all know that production of paper requires a lot of energy, water and trees. Technology has allowed us to reduce the use of paper, since everything is digitalized nowadays, but despite such advancements, a lot of offices often use and discard more than it is needed. Recycling is crucial here and knowing when paper usage is absolutely necessary. If we spend less and accordingly, systematically planted trees for paper production will have more time to grow sturdy, the quality will be enhanced and there will certainly be circumstances where those tree plantations will be repurposed and left to flourish. 


The main goal to ecological sustainability is to leave behind sufficient renewable resources for the future generations to come. In this case, we were discussing offices and how they can improve their green standards, because they too are not exempt from this noble policy and methods of change are proven to make a positive difference. All that is left for us is to implement those methods and adapt our budgets

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