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Perks of Being Self-employed

Entrepreneurship is living the few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t. As pleasing as it sounds it actually is the best option when you are tired of working faithfully 8 hours a day, sitting in the same cubicle, working your ass off to build someone else’s dream. You might have vision that can be a pipe dream or an idea worth taking a risk for. Usually people just work hard so that they are not fired and in return are paid just not to quit. But is that actually how we want to spend the rest of our lives?
Truth is self employment can give you a lifestyle you dream for and even better. Let me tell you why you should let go off your “so called” secure job and take a leap of faith onto that rocky road of being an entrepreneur.

First thing first

As soon as you quit your job and become self-employed you become your own boss. Well yes this is nothing you didn’t already know, but at the same time the most important advantage of being self employed. Being your own boss means having the luxury of doing what you want and picking up who and what to work for.

You also have the flexibility of deciding your working hours and you can even work from the comfort of your home. Plus you’ll have freedom, job security and nobody can fire you. Not to worry about layoffs during recession is another merit. If we analyze the small business listings of Australia we can see the shift in pop culture as there are more people who are self employed in Australia than are members of trade unions just because self-employment offers more job security.

Empowering you…

The moment you start living your dreams, without thinking what you will get out of it, but still choosing to go for it because that is all you want to do you will feel a sense of empowerment. When you choose to be self-employed chances are you’ll be following your dreams and doing what you love to do. It can be incredibly rewarding when you start making money out of your newly started small business, not only in economic terms but also by building up your confidence. Thanks to it your skills will improve and you’ll be able to manage your work with great ease.


Since our childhood we are conditioned to study hard and score well so that we can grab a good job and make our careers. Fair enough! But nobody ever tells you what next after getting a job. Lemme tell you, you’ll be working on somebody else’s terms and conditions, giving up your freedom to be their slaves. You will have to think twice before taking a day off and will have to work harder to please your boss for promotions and much more. Amidst this endless hustle, self-employment will give you the freedom of working for yourself at your own will. You can take your own decisions without the fear of a disapproving boss. Plus you can work as little or as long as you want. You will be credited for your work and your efforts will be recognized not only by your clients but strangers as well.
It just keeps multiplying…

The benefits of being self-employed just keeps piling up with time. You may have to work hard for longer hours in the beginning and yes there are financial risks that can’t be denied in starting a new business, but it all pays off when your business starts to grow and you have financial freedom and time freedom as well. Studies have suggested that those who are self-employed earn 45% more as compared to those who are conventionally employed.

Open-Ended Career Growth

In a job you have lesser opportunity to grow and get promoted to remunerative positions. You have to perform tasks in exchange of a pre-decided salary which is unlikely to change substantially.  On the flip side, you have unlimited growth options and your income is decided only by your skill and will power if you are self-employed. If you are working independently you have a greater degree of spontaneity which tends to increase enthusiasm for work because of financial independence. You can explore the market and expand your horizons all to your heart’s content as you will be meeting other business owners and managers. This also tends to provide more abundant networking opportunities and growth possibilities.

You can actually make it big…
One of the perks of starting your own small business is that you have the power to make it big. Just like all big businesses started from scratch who knows, what you are building right now might turn into in the next few years. You will be the sole beneficiary of all the hard work you put in. Once your business starts to flourish you can hire employees to work for you, reducing your working hours and multiplying your income. For example, there has been a debate in the past few years regarding the increase in rate of self employment due to the development of new technologies Uber, job networking, and crowd-sourced funding. If we see the list of small businesses in Australia some of the small companies have actually grown to compete with giants like Facebook and Google. So if you can work hard for long hours, tolerate risk and stress, cope well with failure then self-employment can really take you to new heights.
In a job we are usually working to build a dream of our employers which can be really disheartening that the benefit from all our hard work is reaped by others and we just get a very small fraction of it. When your business has grown into a successful venture and is flourishing day by day you will find all your goals, ambitions and dreams coming true. Every successful step you take in your business will motivate you to work even harder. This continuous progress will give you tremendous satisfaction. The best part is you will be building your own dream and not somebody else’s.
You decide when to retire

Unlike conventional jobs if you are self-employed you get to decide when to retire. It can be as early as 30 years of age or as late as 70 years. It’s all up to you. Self- employment helps you choose the best possible opportunity for the type of money you want, funding an early retirement. With the tremendous growth opportunities of 21 st century you can expand your small business into a big business house. After all, self-employment is all about your will and proficiency. 

I admit that in reality self-employment may not be as liberating as it seemed on paper because when you start, you are bound to work harder and for longer hours. You may even consider quitting everything when the stress of everyday life sets in. But at the end it’s the decision you make. Work hard now and enjoy the rest of your life or just keep working. It’s your call.

Guest Author: Ella Rich

This post is written by Ella Rich. She is an advertising expert, who is keen on learning and sharing her knowledge about listing of small businesses in Australia and Internet marketing. You can connect with her on

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