Monday, October 12, 2015

10 Tips To Help You Develop Proper Leadership Skills

By John Stone
The most important traits of a successful leader are intelligence, assertiveness, conscientiousness and adaptability. A leader must motivate and inspire, be energetic, enthusiastic and positive. They are there to help each employee individually to reach his or her full potential. Easier said than done, being a good leader is difficult. But if you run your own business, than you have no other choice but to try and upgrade your leadership skill set, for the better of your employees and company. Here are some tips and reminders you should always have in mind.

Finding or developing your own leadership style requires you to define where you are the strongest, and where you need actual improvement. You can read about major leadership styles and, according to them, get an idea of how you lead. When you determine the areas that need improvement, start looking for a way to improve and polish up your leadership abilities.

Besides telling, you also need to show and be an example. Exemplify the behavior that you encourage - be professional and always on time, treat everyone with mannerliness, and once you have set the tone – everyone will follow it.

It is the essential linking element in any kind of interpersonal relationship. Show concern and care for the members of your staff and maintain one-on-one communication with each one of them. Make your employees feel like they are an important part of your team (which they are). They would, thus, feel that they are able to contribute to your business and receive recognitions for it. Communication is a two-way channel – always make sure that you are understood, but also listen.

Recognition and Rewards
Make sure that your employees’ effort does not go unnoticed. Offer effective recognition and rewards in order to boost their self-confidence, sense of worth and to make them feel appreciated. Your employees will feel happier and motivated if they get rewarded for strong efforts.

Creativity Boost
Encourage your staff’s creativity. They need to express themselves, and one way to do this is to challenge them. Give them different, unusual assignments, have them stretching their limits and they, as you too, will see what they are actually capable of achieving. It is called intellectual stimulation, and is perhaps the most important aspect of an employee's job satisfaction.

When you are passionate about the business, your employees would be to by looking up to you as their leader. Express the enthusiasm, care about other peoples’ progress and show your appreciation of it.

Keep them productive. Do not waste time on micromanaging if you trust your team to do their job well. Make sure that everybody knows their role and position, and everything will run smoothly.

A leader should also be firm, and let know the employees that there are limits that you are not to cross. Let them know what you would and would not tolerate. By drawing a line somewhere, you can save the staff members a lot of frustration. There are various leadership training programs you can enlist into that could help you with your leadership skills.

Emotional Awareness
Business or other kind, a relationship is a relationship, and you need your emotional intelligence to make these relationships last. Think with your head, but also listen to your heart. Balance the rational and emotional, and be a leader who is a successful businessman, but also a human being.

Stay Open To New Ideas

Always look how to improve your leadership skills, and try new things. You have to learn, develop and upgrade constantly. That is what separates good leaders from inefficient ones. Master new skills, absorb fresh info and stay open to new ways and ideas. 

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