Saturday, August 8, 2015

Trust No-one without Caller ID

I have a self-imposed rule: I do not answer phone calls without caller ID unless I am expecting a call from someone whose phone number has ID restricted. It's probably a slightly retrograde step, but let me explain.

My wife works at a hospital, the number of which never shows when calls are made to mobile phones. When I have agreed to pick her up after work, I know that around 4:30 pm I'll get a call from an unidentified caller - her. I answer (otherwise she'd be very angry).

A recent article in PC World provided an insightful overview of the challenges we face with user ID, or lack of it.
"The plain old telephone has become a significant security problem. While security experts tend to focus on online fraud, fraud via the phones has skyrocketed. In 2014, 54 percent of complaints to the Federal Trade Commission concerned companies contacting consumers by phone, up from 40 percent in 2013. Identity theft, attempts to collect fraudulent debts and scammers posing as someone else are the top types of fraud, according to the FTC report."
You can read the complete article by Robert Lemos here.

If you do read it, which I highly recommend, let us know what you think. Were you aware of user ID issues? Have you experienced any spoofing problems?


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