Saturday, August 29, 2015

How to Assess Employee Morale

After reading guest author Ankita's item about keeping employees happy, it reminded me of the necessity for larger firms to periodically run staff climate surveys.

In my human resources roles, I was involved on several occasions running focus groups and writing questionnaires to gauge staff morale.

Focus groups are useful for providing an insight into the issues that are top of mind with employees and thus, what to write in the questionnaire.

I found that when I held focus groups, I'd hold different meetings for management and line staff. This allows both groups to provide open and honest feedback without the fear that the other group will resent it, or in the case of the line staff, not willing to raise difficult issues in front of senior staff.

Holding separate meetings also allowed me to gauge the relationship between senior and junior staff - how big or small the gap between "them" and "us" was.

The questionnaire needs to be well written and have maybe several parts, but not be too lengthy. It must also be anonymous.

The first part should ask several questions about the level of the respondent, the years they have been with the employer, and the type of work they do.

Next, some issues about the general management of the organisation, whether it is considered sound or unsound. How people manage, how much support, resources etc are provided and if they are sufficient.

Last, feedback about what needs improving and how it could be achieved are useful. Also, some questions about whether the respondent is happy in the job and what their future intentions are.

Staff should be told that they will be given a copy of the questionnaire summary and that should be done as soon as practicable while the experience is still in their minds.

Staff feedback with other data eg, turnover statistics, can help keep a business functioning well and achieving it's corporate objectives.


PS: Have you ever answered a staff climate questionnaire? What do you think of the process?

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