Thursday, August 27, 2015

5 Best Ways to Keep Employees Happy

By Ankita Kaushik

No company can function without employees as they form the crux of every company. This means that keeping employees happy should be the one and only goal of a company. 

However, with changing times this has also changed. Very few companies (like Google, Microsoft & Facebook) make an effort to keep their employees satisfied. But not all of them!

Some companies (rather management) never realize that their employees are unhappy with the way things are running in that organization. And many do not give attention to employees being unhappy with their job ‘till the time they are doing the work. This is the biggest mistake any company can make because unhappy employees means increased attrition, which also means losing out on talented and experienced employees. Hence, it is apparent that companies should put in more effort to keep their employees happy. So how can an organization keep their employees happy?

Respect Them

This is all an employee wants and needs, especially for all the great work they did in a day. There have been many instances where ex-employees of big organizations came out stating that the management never respects them or their work. Management or an organization as a whole should make efforts to acknowledge employees for their talents and hard work, and not necessarily trash them for a mistake they made.

Open Communication

Many times, you can read how some big companies came crashing down because they lacked transparency between employees and management. For employees it is important that managers and team leaders are open about important events/news going on in the company. Sometimes, a big deal is cracked and employees never get a whiff of it. So management needs to try and be more transparent and have more open conversations with employees. This is not only to get important messages across but also bridge a gap between the organization and employees. Also, this helps  employees feel they are respected.

Regular Feedback

A lot of employees complain about not getting regular feedback. Also, they complain about management being open about negative feedback but nothing on the positive feedback front. This is where organizations go wrong. If you want to whether a  manager is efficient, just see how he communicates with his employees in feedback sessions. Balancing the negative and positive is crucial - appreciate the employee if they did something splendid. Pointing out the mistakes all the time will only degrade and demotivate employees.

Clear-cut But Realistic Goals

If you do not provide a goal, a realistic goal, to employees there is no way they  will achieve what is expected of them. The goal of an employee should be specific, clearly planned with reasonable targets. No sales employee will come to work (even if he is brave enough to work) for you who will be able to give 50 leads in a week. So try and keep the expectation reasonable.

Future Growth

Every employee wants to grow with a company if given a chance. If a company is expanding in leaps and bounds no employee would want to leave but, if there are  no good future prospects in that company then they  might just leave. Any career expert will tell you that an employee who has proved to be there in an organization  looks forward to having career growth in the same organization.

You can find many other ways to keep employees happy but these five factors play an important role. Apart from this, having a good working environment and incentives also keeps employees happy.

Amazon offers amazing working environment for its employees (flexible work times) and an Indian company called Freecharge provides amazing incentives to its employees.

Author Bio:

Ankita is an editor cum writer with an education background of mass communication and journalism. She is passionate about dancing, fanatic about shoes and avid fashion follower. She always yearns to learn new things to widen her knowledge. All her interests help her contribute more to her work, where she manages content and branding for Foodpanda coupons.


  1. Thanks to Ankita for this post. It is true, happy employees help make a prosperous company.

  2. Thanks for the post. Very useful post. As we can see the Amazon offers a very convenient environment for their employees.

  3. Thanks Ankita, I know they're all important but my best point is Open Communication. It's amazing how far, a little communication can go, for a company of any size.

    Gena F | Vantaggio HR

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  5. There is no doubt that behind the every successful company, there is hidden hand of the hard working employees.


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