Friday, July 10, 2015

Green Office: An Environment for Better Work Results

Being confined to a limited space for eight, nine or ten hours a day means that your office has to be 
interesting and motivating, or you will not be inspired to bring your A game to the table.

By creating your own office space and arranging it so that it suits you the most, you will find time spent at work less exhausting and more fulfilling. By choosing a Green Office concept, you can even go a step further and introduce an environmentally aware space with a positive effect. Here is how this type of space boosts your creativity and helps you work better.

The Basics

A Green Office concept includes several environmental-related alterations that any company can make and that trigger positive changes in their work ethic, productivity, motivation and results.

These alterations do not have to be big nor especially expensive, but their sheer inclusion in your everyday office life is certain to make a difference.

Among many things you can do to help the planet, there is a considerable number applicable in an office space. Not only can you replace old light bulbs with new ones that last longer and pollute less, but you can also cut back on paper waste, recycle, encourage commuting, and even reuse and repurpose old plastic bottles. Finally, you can bring a piece of nature inside.

Plant for the Future

Modern office design takes the green initiative literally and starts bringing flowers and plants in. This has been proven to lower the level of stress and increase creativity – it is certainly more enjoyable and visually stimulating to be surrounded with plants than stacks of paper and computers.

Therefore, it does not matter if you have an indoor grass carpet, hang flowers on office partition walls or equip every desk with a plant – as long as nature is involved, you are on the right track.

The Benefits

Green Offices have a positive effect on productivity and inspiration, especially with creative arts and crafts. Moreover, making your working space greener is sure to reflect not just on your employees’ attitude towards work, but also assist in the global cause because it will inspire them to introduce similar changes to their homes as well.

It is no longer a secret that our planet is slowly dying due to excessive waste and pollution, and this is all thanks to humans. Therefore, it is up to us to do something, no matter how small and insignificant that seems – if every one of us makes a change every single day, both at work and at home, the overall effect will ultimately be seen.

The Final Effects

Office plants enhance the air quality in your office, regulate air moisture and are, after all, visually appealing which is always good when your employees want to take a break. If you manage to bring
some plants in and focus on several other ways to achieve sustainability, you will surely help save the planet and make your own life a bit greener.

Guest Author Lana Hawkins is a student of Architecture from Sydney. She likes reading and writing about Green Architecture, Sustainability and Green Design.

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