Monday, May 25, 2015

Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

The latest hot search engine topic is mobile friendly internet sites.

The question being asked is, "Is your site mobile friendly". There's a good reason for it and you probably already know the answer ... an increasing number of internet searches and queries is coming from smart phone users.

If your internet site isn't mobile friendly, what do you think happens? Yes, that's right, it doesn't respond to the mobile screen dimensions which means users cannot see meaningful sections of content without scrolling left and right.

So, guess what they do?

As they leave your site and look for an alternative that is mobile friendly, any suggestion you may have made a sale disappears with them.

Nowadays, you simply cannot afford not to have mobile friendly internet sites like the one shown in the graphic above. That's one of my blog sites built using Wordpress which automatically handles the responsive design necessity.

If you create your own internet sites, you will have to ensure the programming is sufficient to allow the content to respond to the various screen sizes. Coffee Cup Software has produced a software program called Responsive Site Designer which is specifically intended to handle the problem.

Not sure if your site is mobile friendly? Don't worry, Google has produced an analysis site that will check any URL and tell you if it is mobile friendly.

Click on the analysis site link and enter the URL you wish to check for mobile friendliness. Within 20 or 30 seconds you'll have the answer.

Remember that Google search engine looks for mobile friendly sites to add to its database. Make sure yours is there and that it is mobile friendly.


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  1. Most blogs seem to be mobile friendly and they can be used to set up a commercial or other site too, which saves a lot of programming. However, they are limited in what you can do.


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