Friday, May 22, 2015

Is Your Business Using Viral Marketing?

Seth Godin was probably one of, if not the first person to come up with the idea of viral marketing.

In his title, Unleashing the Idea Virus, Godin suggests numerous ways in which information about your business can spread like a virus without costing a fortune.

As there are numerous ways in which a biological virus spreads in the animal world, so there are numbers of ways in which marketing viruses can be spread.

One of the most common ways to spread a virus online is using an e-book or report. It's here that the concept really works as many of us can testify.

It's a simple idea. You produce an e-book or report that is highly useful, sought after and that has links to your products or services. You give it away free and the people to whom you give it pass it to others ... like a virus. Some of the readers click and visit your links which hopefully, leads to purchases.

And it does. I have several viral e-books still floating around in cyberspace and occasionally a sale results from them. However, there is one thing you really must do regarding your links if you are linking to affiliate sites or other sites for which you have no control.


In the e-book or report place links that go to your site and are then redirected to the other sites. This allows you to update the links should the affiliate links be changed, cancelled, or otherwise no longer valid. Otherwise, you may have an excellent viral tool that is no longer of use to you because the links don't work.

So, when will you expand your business interests by setting up a viral marketing program?


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