Thursday, April 23, 2015

Computer Rage: Don't Kill Your Computer

Apple IIC Computer and Peripherals
When I read this article about a guy who "executed" his desktop, it brought back memories of the many times I've been annoyed by malfunctioning computers.

The first computers I ever used were Apple IICs when I was at university. I taught myself to use them because they had a software program called Zardax with which I could produce my assignments quickly and easily.

As a touch typist typing at 60 words per minute, I could churn out an assignment in no time. Zardax carried out such things as footnoting automatically resulting in quality production on what was then fan fold A4 paper.

Others had to pay someone to produce their assignments usually on an old mechanical typewriter.

Since then, I have spent decades using a range of computers and teaching computing to adult students. And I've had my share of hang-ups, blue screens, unexpected power-downs, disk failures, and more. Bugger!

Although these occasions have been inconvenient, especially once when I had typed a 20 page document only to have it "disappear" who-knows-where, I've never suffered computer rage. I've never mistreated a computer and I certainly haven't shot one, although it must have been fun.

Everyone knows that computers, like everything else, have a shelf life. The working components inside computers have an MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure).

The best thing you can do is maintain them from day one, treat them well, and have some knowledge of how long they will last based on the MTBF. For example, if you don't think your hard disk or motherboard will fail, you will be surprised when they do.

If you have a firm with a lot of computers, develop a regular maintenance and replacement program based on advice from computer professionals (not necessarily salespersons) and replace them before they begin to fail.

If your computer stock begins to have failures, address it early rather than leave it to the point of no return. Take some sensible actions to maintain and replace and you'll never have to execute your computer.


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