Monday, November 3, 2014

Seo Wizard Wordpress Plugin Review

By guest author

Search engine optimization or SEO is what makes a website successful or a complete failure. SEO is optimizing your website so that a search engine can easily discover information about your site and narrow down what the purpose and relevance of your website is in relation to a particular search term.

There are many tools available to help web designers and developers focus their overall efforts in getting ranked by major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Using social media, relevant keywords, and well-structured web pages are just a few ways that can help optimize a website for getting a better rank. The SEO Wizard WordPress plugin is one powerful tool that can help you improve your websites position on search engines, providing tips and suggestions to get you results.
  • Why SEO Wizard?
    SEO Wizard is created by one of the most distinguished internet marketing and SEO companies in the United Kingdom, SEO UK. Designed by industry experts, this tool offers a great way to keep all the pages and posts consistent and up to par with professionally marketed websites. Because there are so many elements that go into optimizing your pages, the SEO Wizard plugin provides you with a solid tool and visual reference to make sure you are not forgetting a thing.
  • Keywords
    Keywords are one of the best ways to concentrate relevance on your web pages and this plugin makes sure to implement keywords in so many different ways. From the title of your webpage to alt tags, this tool does an excellent job of tracking keywords for you and making sure they are used an appropriate number of times. SEO Wizard features options for keywords such as automatic bold, italics and adding keywords to your post titles by simply checking a box.
  • Articles and Content
    Articles and other content on your pages or post are optimized by this tool. SEO Wizard will check to make sure that your posts are sufficient in size and contain additional content that can be optimized such as images, links or author information. When writing articles, quality content makes all the difference requiring a coherent and cohesive main idea. Keywords, images and other content can help to improve your articles and webpages by including features such as tags, categories, headers, alt tags, etc. This plugin will allow you to easily keep track of these search engine optimization elements, allowing you to focus on writing quality content. 
  • Social Media
    Integrating social media profiles to your posts is a great way to get the word out and improve your chances in getting ranked. By utilizing this plugin, you are given the option to add Facebook and Twitter profiles to your posts and pages. With plans to implement Google+, the addition of social media optimization in this plugin provides an effective way to boost your ranking among search engines.
  • Meta Descriptions
    This is the short paragraph about each page on your website that users will see on search engines. By including a meta description that provides a summary as to what your pages are about, search engines will know how relevant the content is on your page for they keywords that are searched by users. SEO Wizard includes a preview tool that lets you see how your meta description will look like on a search engine. In addition, the plugin features a setting that automatically lets you include your pages keywords, categories and tags in the meta description for further search engine optimization. Meta descriptions must be carefully written and should give users a good idea as to what your page is about so they will be more inclined to click on your link. This part of a search engine algorithm plays a significant role in page ranking and this WordPress plugin provides great functionality to tweak your meta description.
  • Page Analysis
    A really neat feature of the plugin is that a page analysis is provided. The page analysis score gives you a rough idea as to how the page can improve and includes a keyword density scale. All of the components that make up the score are listed so that you can easily identify areas that need improvement. Your score addresses how effectively keywords are being used, if used at all and are measured by keyword density, headers containing keywords, bold or underlined keywords, etc.
  • Plugin Integration
    Installation and setup of the plugin is simple and requires very little time. The plugin can be downloaded on the developer’s website or directly through the WordPress plugin search. The plugins settings can be configured and customized to your preferences and include several options mentioned previously. When writing a post or creating a new page for your website, the plugin tool can be seen and used to optimize each page, making it unique and focused on specific keywords.
Finding a plugin that provides robust features for search engine optimization like SEO Wizard does, is a valuable tool for any internet marketing professional or web developer. Getting your website ranked higher among search engines is no easy task, yet SEO Wizard for WordPress can make that process much simpler and give you a distinct advantage among your competitors.

The Seo Wizard plugin is provided by free of charge under the GPL v2 licence.


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