Wednesday, October 15, 2014

So, you think you know about training proposals

When the Australian Government enacted the "Training Guarantee (Administration) Act 1990" it:
"introduced the training guarantee levy that requires employers to contribute a minimum of an amount equal to 1.5% of their payroll to structured training or, if they have not contributed this amount, to pay the shortfall as a charge (the training guarantee charge)." HREF
Although the act had sound intentions ie, to increase training and therefore skills throughout Australian industry, the unintended consequences adversely impacted on the quality of Australian training.

One of those consequences was a feeding frenzy of "trainers" who tapped into the money firms had to expend annually. Every Tom, Dick and Mary became an overnight training expert.

Mostly unqualified amateurs appeared overnight. Many flew into regional towns with a box of hastily prepared course notes, overhead slides and delivered "training courses" in a rented room with rented furniture and equipment.

Short courses in time management, budgeting, negotiation skills, teamwork, and other easy topics sprang up all over the country. The amateurs delivery mode was what we professional educators once called "chalk and talk".

Amateurs and Training Proposals

On several occasions I worked with amateur trainers who were responsible for spending large sums of money on organising training activities. None knew how to do it properly and wasted thousands on sub-standard programs.

As a result, I wrote an e-book titled, "How to Write Winning Training Proposals".

It was intended to help amateurs write a proposal for training that would lead to development of a quality training program either in-house or by external consultant.

Today, the principles for development of training proposals have not changed and the e-book is still relevant. You can read more about it here.


PS: The Training Guarantee Act was suspended in 1994

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