Monday, August 25, 2014

Keep Teamwork Thriving with a Team-Building Event

Team building events can be an amazing way for your staff to come together and grow as a cohesive unit. However, for many companies team building events are regarded as nothing more than a waste of time or a way to get out of doing "real work" for a few days. Holding a team building event that employees take seriously and actually enjoy can be challenging, but it is completely doable if you have the right attitude. Here are some steps to help you in planning a successful team building event.

Pick The Right Type of Activities For Your Team

The activities that fill the itinerary at a team building event are the deciding factor as to whether or not that event will be successful. Many companies pick some standard "getting to know you" or trust-building exercises without really putting any thought into what they are selecting for their employees. At many corporate organizations, educated and professional staff members will oftentimes resent these almost childish activities. This is why it's crucial that event organizers choose activities that indeed help to bolster trust and the team mentality, but that don't condescend to their staff members. Do your research to find activities that are appropriate.

Pick The Right Venue

Some team building events are a simple day of activities held onsite at the office, while others might be weekend-long excursions held at a hotel or conference center. Decide which is more appropriate for your team's needs. If you are indeed renting facilities or a hotel, start making calls early to ensure that you can find the best package deal or group rate. Holding your event off-site is generally the best course of action; by taking your team out of the same old boring office setting, they're more likely to be enthusiastic and excited for the planned activities when they arrive. The corporate function venue at some entertainment centre, for example, would be a great choice of venue.

Decide What You Want Out Of The Event

Every business has different goals for their team building events. Sometimes events are meant to address teamwork issues that your company has been experiencing, while other times it's simply a way to keep the ongoing attitude of unity and trust alive within your organization. You and the organizing committee should take the time to sit down and write out what sort of results you would like to see from your team building weekend. This will help you to better plan everything from the events to the venue.

A team building event is a fantastic way to promote teamwork, trust and togetherness at your organization. While you're certainly there to grow as a cohesive team, don't forget to include "fun" in your itinerary. Sometimes, the best team building happens when employees are allowed to just sit back, relax and enjoy each others' company outside of an office setting.

Author bio: Bob Gorman is event planner and organizer who likes writing helpful articles for small and corporate businesses. Currently, he is working as contributing writer to several blogs and event planner at corporate function venue

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    Thanks for the guidance, really useful and thought out, I went on a team building london event last year and our team won, have the certificate to prove it :-)


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