Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Little Details That Can Help You Attract Loyal Customers

By Guest Author Sophie Andersen
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This century did not start particularly well. Global economic crisis dominates headlines all over the world for quite some time already, and all signs point to the conclusion that it will dominate them in the foreseeable future. At the same time, it needs to be pointed out that the crisis is a sort of a self sustainable mechanism. It survives by perpetuating the fact of its own existence - the very fact that people think things are not going well will make the things even worse.

The key to solving this problem is in educating business people on how to change their way of thinking and start being positive and proactive in their approach to the market. However, before that happens, it is crucial to stay afloat and remain present while waiting for things to improve. This is best done by connecting to your customers and earning their loyalty - one loyal customer is worth many regular ones. Here is a couple of tips on the ways in which you can make sure your clients stay your clients for more than one transaction.

1. Recognize what people need and deliver it to them

People will be more likely to buy things (and keep buying things) if they feel those things are specially tailored for them. When planning your business strategy and products, you need to make sure that they can appeal to the customers in that way. When customers are satisfied, the majority of them will not look any further than you the next time they want to make a

2. Communicate with your clients and make them feel like they are a part of something

The communication with customers has never been easier than it is now - the advent of social networking on the internet has created a great opportunity for businesses to reach out to the world of their potential clients and include them in their company’s ecosystem. This way, without too much effort, the customers feel respected and thought of, which eventually makes them spend more.

3. Popularize your company’s brand

There are many ways in which you can promote your company and make your image stick out above everybody else. The aforementioned internet social networking is always an option, but do not neglect the power of the real world communication either. Attending business events and fairs can do miracles for your company, while distributing promotional products can help your brand reach even further, into the homes of your clients, where it can have further effect.

4. Make sure your loyal customers are rewarded for their loyalty

Nothing spells great user experience so convincingly as a company which appreciates and rewards its customers. The expenses you will have in order to provide your faithful clients with presents for their faithfulness are negligible compared to the positive effect this will leave on your company’s image. Show the people that you care, that you know they are the reason why you are where you are, and be sure that their response will be to stay your customers, all to the mutual benefit and satisfaction.

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