Monday, June 30, 2014

How to Throw Away a Three Million Dollar Contract

If you are silly enough, it's very easy to throw away a 3 million contract, especially when you are young and prone to stupidity. Or even old and prone to stupidity. However, in this case, the loser is a young football player, Todd Carney.

Here's an extract from News.Com.Au:
CRONULLA Sharks NRL star Todd Carney had two warnings about poor behaviour this year before the embattled club sacked him over a social media photo scandal. 
A vulgar picture of Carney urinating in his own mouth at a Cronulla nightspot went viral over the weekend — forcing Sharks directors to tear up his $3 million contract in a phone hook-up on Sunday.
The photo was taken two Saturdays ago in the men’s toilets at Northies after the team’s thrashing by Manly. The photo will not be printed because of its lewd nature.
I'm not sure what urinating into your mouth can do to help your health or longevity. It would probably get you into the Guinness Book of Records given that there's probably no-one else on the planet who has tried it, or perhaps been able to do it.

Every year the Darwin Awards provides details of those people who are so incredibly stupid that they have gotten themselves out of the human gene pool, usually by killing themselves. Perhaps it's time to have another set of awards for those who are just plain stupid. Unfortunately, it would probably be an overwhelmingly large book.


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