Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How to Create a Positive Work Environment

By guest author Andrea Hudson
People say that work and pleasure don’t mix very well. However, a little bit of fun and relaxation in the work place will definitely make a dull and uninspired worker brim with new ideas and it will give them inspiration to be more productive and dedicated to their company. One of the things that influences workers the most is their environment. Therefore, creating a nice working place will definitely inspire people to strive to do their best. Here are some things you can change about your office that will create a positive working environment.
Praise Efforts
If you let a good worker work for a whole lot of time and let them do their best without letting them know that you appreciate it, they will stop doing it. It is hard to do your best once you know that nobody’s watching. Therefore, make sure that the best workers are awarded. You can have employee of the month prizes, all sorts of public appreciation for somebody's work. The awards you give can be monetary or gifts. The best are those that have some material value, like vouchers for the local mall, salary bonuses and the like.
Team Building Activities
People that surround you at your work place are very important. Therefore, the more you get along with them, the better you will feel at your work and thus increased productivity and joint efforts. So, it is always a good idea to do some team building activities like breakfast for all, once a week, holiday dinners, paintball weekends and the like. This will get people to know each other and accept each other with their weaknesses and strong points. That is essential in building a team for victory.
Encourage Personal Growth
Even if people don’t perform the way you expect them to perform on their workplace, you should give them a chance to develop. Different seminars, professional and personal growth courses will make your employees feel like they are going somewhere and they will want to strive for more and to be more successful. Enabling them to have such opportunities will definitely make them more encouraged to do better at work and be better workers, employees and colleagues.
Create Pleasant Offices
Nobody likes working at a place that looks awful. It is always depressing and it is never productive. Therefore, in order to make people do their best, you need to engage in creating a really good office designDon’t ever save on those office supplies and all the tools and devices your employees need to do better and faster work. Those things will pay off multifold in terms of work productivity and success. This includes good chairs, ergonomic equipment etc. Also, fast computers, up-to- date software, but also pleasant wall colors, good coffee machines and other details that make a day more pleasant.
All these factors should be taken care of for an excellent office. Some of them require from you to spend some money, but on the other hand, nothing can buy the productivity rates of a satisfied and inspired worker. Therefore, they are worth the money you invest in the workspace.

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