Wednesday, December 4, 2013

You Rejuvenate Yourself, Why Not Your Business?

Every day or perhaps every few days (hopefully), you have a shower, wash your hair, spray on some after shave or perfume, put on some nice, clean clothes, all in an effort to keep yourself fresh and feeling good. Less often, you take a holiday to rejuvenate the inner being.

If you do that for yourself, why not your business? Sound like a silly question? Hang in there and think about it a little.

A business that is going ahead in leaps and bounds with all the customers it needs, all the turnover it desires and a profit level to die for probably doesn't need to rejuvenate itself. Or does it?

In Australia in the last year or so, Telstra, the country's premier telecommunications provider changed its colour scheme. Woolworths, one of our largest supermarket chains came up with a new, improved logo. Neither of these companies is a small player. People knock at their doors for services or products every minute they are open for business. So, if these firms rejuvenate their image, why not other firms?

Colour schemes, corporate uniforms, logos, and organisational strategies become stale after a while. Sometimes a firm needs to expand or reduce its product or service line. Believing you can do the same thing day in and day out with the same old style etc, without keeping your eye on the changes occurring in society, is a recipe for disaster.

Rejuvenation might involve simply repainting some of your signage (see the Coca Cola sign above), designing a more contemporary logo, issuing staff with a new corporate uniform, or changing the layout of your shop.

The key is to make changes that will keep your existing customers happy and attract new customers. Why not hold a survey with a small prize for customers to tell you what they like or don't like about your firm and what you could improve? 


PS: What do you think about the idea of rejuvenation in business? Have you had any experience of a business that has been rejuvenated? Tell us! (Show us that your are alive!)

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