Friday, December 20, 2013

Working Smarter is now "People & Jobs"

Thank you for visiting.

If you are a loyal follower or guest author of Working Smarter, thank you for following and contributing.

Robin at his desk - Alice Springs, NT Australia
From my desk in Central Australia, while travelling and for three years while I completed a contract in the United Arab Emirates, I've run this blog since 2005. It's had a couple of name changes, but was always the blog of Desert Wave Enterprises, my firm.

Working Smarter has a narrow scope ... business and personal improvement. I wanted to broaden the scope to use more of the skills and experience I have and to include as many other people as possible. I also wanted the blog to have its own URL and be on a Wordpress platform.

To achieve that, I've had to move and I hope you come with me. Better still, I hope you continue contributing.

People and Jobs in business are what I understand most. I've spent the larger part of my 51 year career (30 years) in adult education, as a human resources consultant and manager. I've spent thousands of hours (literally) studying the disciplines at university and elsewhere so that I would be good at what I did, I didn't want to be a "gifted amateur", I wanted to be among the best in my field.

People & Jobs blog will allow me to share much more information with a larger audience. I'm particularly interested in those who are about to or just entering the workforce. Please visit my new blog and participate. The more people who participate, the better it will be for all of us.

Unfortunately, I don't have all the answers and I rely on you to help out.


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