Thursday, November 14, 2013

Is "Social Marketing" a Misnomer?

Online marketing moves at a fast pace with different technological capabilities and experts telling us what works or doesn't work almost weekly. One week, email marketing is dead, next week, it's Pay Per Click has been taken over by YouTube videos. Later, it's something else.

Social media is said to be the big deal in marketing these days with millions of people attracted to Facebook and the many other social media sites. But does millions of people mean millions of sales? I doubt it.

When I visit Facebook, perhaps every couple of days, I go to find out what's on people's minds, what my friends are doing and hopefully to see some of their photographs. I'm not there to buy anything. My guess is that you and the millions of others on social media are doing the same thing ... socialising, not purchasing.

No doubt some of the adverts are clicked on, but overall, social marketing may be a misnomer.

What do you think? Have you bought something from a link on a social media site?


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