Thursday, November 7, 2013

Does Your Company Allow Facebook Access on Corporate Computers?

Some staff who should be working, spend at least some of their time reading and posting on Facebook and similar social networking sites. Others allow access to games like Solitaire that chew into their "spare" time.

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As a human resources specialist and manager, I understand that there are two sides to the argument about accessing social media on corporate IT while supposedly working.

Side one suggests that you get paid to work, not to socialise or play games. You should have no "free" time other than lunch and other authorised breaks.

Side two suggests that a short break from your work routine can keep you mentally sharp and motivated. It also signifies the altruistic nature of your employer ... give and take.

If you support side one, then you should set up your IT systems so that social media sites cannot be access on corporate computing equipment. This is a fairly simple matter where the site IT administrator simply enters the URLs or banned sites. Games can be removed from the system altogether.

Side two supporters need to ensure that the privilege of being able to check in on Facebook or Youtube etc isn't overused. This can only be done through adequate supervision.

Either way, you should have an IT policy that describes succinctly what your corporate position is. That way there is no doubt and you also have some legal protection should an employer do something illegal on your system eg, download child pornography or breach copyright.

Does your employer have an IT policy? Does it allow you to use social media sites or games while at work?


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