Monday, October 14, 2013

YouTube, Blogs and Twitter ... All Essential for a Growing Business

According to Marketing Director, Steve Davis, businesses can increase their online presence and client base significantly with a few simple, inexpensive tools.

At a seminar I attended Called "Lights, Camera, Blog!" at the Alice Springs Convention Centre, Steve explained why videos, blogs and social media are important for businesses. He said that traditional marketing organisations were under pressure because many weren't adopting such tools as YouTube, which is visited by millions of people daily. Submitting short, succinct videos to YouTube could reach millions of potential customers, however, the videos needed to depict real, human stories, not be bland sales blurbs, Steve said.

In a demonstration, he produced a short video using his iPhone, clipped it with an app on his phone, entered a URL at the end of the video and showed how it could be sent to YouTube, all within about 15 minutes. Of course, the video is not very polished because it was ad hoc, but it did show how quick and easy it is to produce such a clip.

Steve compared several short YouTube clips with two professionally produced videos advertising electrical companies. He was absolutely correct when he said the two electrical company videos would have everyone switching off or falling to sleep within minutes.

The take-away messages for us was that:
  1. Having a blog is very useful because if the content is updated regularly it keeps your business top of mind and Google loves fresh, original content so it increases your visibility in the search engines
  2. Social media like Facebook helps keep in touch with customers and also increases online visibility
  3. Short, interesting YouTube clips, if done properly, can result in millions of views and spread your brand name
Every October, the Northern Territory Government and other private sector organisations run a series of interesting, free events throughout the Northern Territory.

Are you producing YouTube videos for your business? If so, give us a link or two (not spam) in a comment.


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  1. Well, I have the blog (this one), I'm on Twitter and Facebook, I'm yet to try video. However, I did do a trial video with my iPod yesterday. It's not good enough to place online, but I'll keep working on it. Then there is podcasting, which is still out there, but never became as popular as I thought it would.


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