Monday, October 7, 2013

What Business Can Learn From Football

Although I have played both Australian Rules and Rugby League football, I'm not the slightest bit interested in being a spectator and following football or any other sport.

I play golf three times per week and until a few years ago played squash. I do like to watch the Grand Final matches, usually with the game blasting away in the background on TV as I do something else, like writing a blog article and drinking a cool Kilkenny ale.

But this article isn't about watching football, which is an absolute bore, it's about what we can learn from football teams.

Football teams have been around for a very long time. Long enough in fact to run very slick businesses, businesses we can learn from. What can we learn?

  1. Football clubs always plan. They have a strategic plan and game plans for every game they play.Their game plans are adapted on the run as their business conditions (score) changes, none of this waiting until the next fiscal period or end of quarter
  2. They hire the best support staff; doctors, physiotherapists, managers and coaches etc
  3. They are always on the look out for a player at his peak whom they can head hunt from a competitor
  4. Their staff (players) is the best available and trains consistently to keep at peak performance
  5. Football clubs play very good salaries (quite ridiculous in my view) to hire and retain the best in their field. They are willing to pay top dollar for top performers
  6. When staff don't perform, they get the flick and are replaced with someone who can perform
  7. They treat their game as a business
  8. Advertising and marketing their brand is central to their success. They also engage in a range of business opportunities eg, attracting sponsorships, selling clothing and club-branded goods
  9. By running low cost or free football schools for children, they put something back into the community and encourage children to become footballers
  10. They understand that not everything they do will be successful, but after a loss, pick themselves up and plan to do better next time
  11. When they are successful, they celebrate their success
How does this business model compare with yours or your employers? I'll bet there are at least several differences.

Comment to let me know that you are alive and tell me what you think.


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