Thursday, October 10, 2013

Are You Managing Your Hard Disk Files or Creating Clutter?

Failing to have a systematic method of managing what's on your hard disk can lead to disasters. Apart from the fact that you can have the same file stored in multiple locations chewing up valuable hard disk space, it can be a nightmare finding something when you need it.

There are numerous stories of firms spending tens of thousands of dollars trying to recover email messages to defend themselves in court cases. They have had employees spend weeks of their time searching through volumes of email to locate the one or two critical to their case. Some have been found, many not.

Having a sound information management system and preventing clutter on hard disks can go a long way towards retention and quick recovery of critical information. For example, what does your firm do with email created by staff who leave the firm? Do you have a policy, or is it just left on your server?

Remember the day of the memorandum or letter? Both usually had reference numbers for filing purposes. How many email messages do you see with reference notations? How would you find an email conversation between two people without file copies and reference details?

Do you want to clean up your hard disk and set up a functional, professional electronic filing system?

If so, right click here and download a complimentary report "11 Steps to Manage Your Hard Disk Drive Files" in PDF format. You will not be asked for any information or subscribed to anything.


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