Monday, September 16, 2013

Thinking of Migrating? How to Make it in Australia

Australia is a beautiful country full of rich culture, lovely people, and great educational and business opportunities. 

If you have decided to move to Australia, there are a lot of things you need to consider. The first step would be to contact a migration agent and an immigration lawyer who can help you with the legal paperwork and important documents. The following are a few things that you should know about: 

  • Apply for a Tax File Number (TFN)– If you want to receive any income in Australia, it is necessary that you have a TFN. Your wages, salary, government payments received, investment earnings, interest on savings would all be included in this income. Thus, applying for a TFN should be your first step. The steps to get a TFN are pretty easy. Just call the taxation office of Australia (ATO) and they will send you an application form. It can also be done over the internet and your migration agent could help you with it. Click here for more information from the ATO.
  • Medicare Registration – Medicare registration would provide you access to basic medical expenses that the government of Australia provides. Through Medicare, you will get free care at public hospitals, subsidized medicines and even out of hospital care. After 7 – 10 days of your arrival in Australia, visit the Medicare office and take your passport and travel documents with you. 

Click here for more information about Medicare.

  • Open An Account – All the government benefits, salaries, wages and other incomes are paid directly into your bank account in Australia. Within 6 weeks of your arrival in Australia, you should open a bank account. The only identification necessary is your passport and having a bank account would make matters easier for you. 
  • Centrelink Registration – Centrelink is an initiative by Australian government and you should register yourself. It comes with a range of services like helping you find a job, access certain specific courses and many other things. For new migrants, social security is not available through Centrelink. 

Click here for more information from Centrelink.
  • Register for Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) – For people who are relocating from nations where English is not the chiefly spoken language, there could be a lot of communication issues. In order to settle successfully in Australia, you need to get into the AMEP program which provides free English classes to migrants. You will be provided English tuition of 510 hours. Make sure that you register soon after arriving or your eligibility could expire. 
Click here for more information about AMEP.
  • Apply for a Driver’s License – The territory and state governments issue drivers licenses in Australia and in order to drive there, you need a driver’s license that is appropriate. You will have to pass an eyesight test, knowledge test and a driving test before you get your license. 
Click here for more information on obtaining a Driver’s License.

The official site of Australia’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship has a booklet for new migrants that could be pretty helpful to get you settled.
Click here to get the booklet. 

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