Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Top 5 Benefits of Using HRIS Software

By guest author Barry Wong
Managing a business is never easy and there are always serious concerns that must be addressed. Among those concerns would be how to handle issues related to human resources. It can be very difficult to stay on top of human resources tasks. Frequently, this is due to the fact there are scores of different tasks and responsibilities that must be undertaken when in charge of such an office. Payroll, time and attendance, employee tasking, and various other components must come together to effective manage human resources. This is why HRIS Software is so beneficial.

What is HRIS Software?

For those not familiar with how a human resources office works, questions might exist regarding what exactly HRIS Software is. Basically, HRIS stands for Human Resources Information Software. As the name suggests, the software is designed to handle a number of common tasks human resource managers would be required to oversee. As would be the case with any other software program in an office environment, there will concerns over what the benefits of HRIS Software is. There are numerous benefits. The following five are among the most beneficial ones.

The Top Five Benefits of HRIS Software

Employee time management can be better instituted. Other than absenteeism, nothing can be less productive in an office than poor time management among the employees in the office. Absenteeism at least can be somewhat excusable...the employee is not there. However, when employees are on their job and not performing work at an acceptable level or at a high rate of productivity, this is not a good thing. Through logging how employees are working on the job and what tasks they are performing, steps can be taken to get office productivity back on track.
Activities performed by various employees can be better tracked. For businesses that have very specific mission goals in mind and must meet them by set times of the year, the ability to know which employees are doing what when can be a huge help. This way, if personnel have to be shifted around to handle other tasks, such transfers can be done without any real problem. Another benefit here is tracking employee tasks and duties can make it a lot easier for management to determine promotions and bonuses. A log of what the employee has done will be generated and stored thanks to the software.
Costs can be saved thanks to the automation functions of the software. Any and all businesses want to save money and among the best ways to do so is to automate tasks, streamline them, and make them more efficient. Human resources software can contribute to this end result. At one time, the notion of logging data and stats on a spreadsheet program was considered a huge improvement over traditional, cumbersome activities. Spreadsheets certainly were a tremendous improvement over the previous method: logging notes by hand in a book. Today, there are new software programs that make a spreadsheet program look as archaic as the old manual method. Yet, just like ten years ago when many would resist using a spreadsheet and stick with the pen and paper method, many will not upgrade to HRIS software. This is a huge mistake! Life in an HR office becomes a lot more efficient when automated software programs replace old and outdated ones.
Data can be much more efficiently stored and retrieved when using an HRIS software program. Logging information in a more efficient and easier manner is a good thing. However, the ability to enter the information must be combined with easy retrieval and storage capabilities. These software programs allow for both features. It is suggested, however, to save and/or backup all files into the cloud. This way, they do not end up lost in case of a crash or a virus.

Payroll management and processing can be done correctly and without delay. Without a doubt, one of the easiest ways to cause major discontent in an office would be to create errors when it comes to issuing salaries. Paying the wrong amount, not taking taxes out, and inaccurate health insurance payments could all cause a lot of problems among employees. In fact, errors of this nature could lead them to looking for another job quicker than anything else. With the right software installed, payroll management can be done more accurately. This alone could eliminate a host of problems in the office.

Buy The Best Software Program

Whether the goals in the office are better payroll management or improved employee time management, the best way to achieve these goals is through using the best software program available. Taking time out to find the best program is a must because a less than stellar one will lead to disappointments.
Barry Wong works for 9th Co. He recommends  ADP for employee scheduling software.


  1. Good points that can be considered using the HRIS software. Basically the time needs to be managed and kept in track of for the sake of productivity which matters a pretty more in the industrial standard. hence is the opting of software matters a lot as such. The automated tool always has better option for any sort of activity and as such is there with the time tracking as well. I have not used HRIS any time before as I am concerned with the cloud based Replicon's time tracking software - hence just wanna ask whether it is advisable to go or a change from Replicon to HRIS?

  2. Stephie, I know that there are many cloud-based HRIS software systems on the market, but the security aspects of cloud storage are still a bit shaky. I prefer a system that is internal ie, based on a corporate WAN or LAN. The jury is still not out on cloud system security. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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