Monday, September 2, 2013

Are You Still Using Your ISP's Email Address?

Recently I saw an advertisement for a very successful local business and was surprised to find the contact email was ****** and not something more unique and professional.  

As I looked at other advertisements in the local newspaper, I discovered numerous other small businesses with ISP email addresses. Having an ISP email address is akin to having a free email address like Yahoo. It looks amateurish and doesn't reflect well on your business when it is so easy to get your own, unique address.

The Problem with ISP Addresses

While the email service provision provided by ISPs in conjunction with their Internet service is usually very good, the problems from having one of these addresses include:

  1. It detracts from your business image
  2. Most do not have a "catch all" address which means that if someone gets your address prefix incorrect through a typo or misspelling, you will never get their message (there goes the $3,000 sale!)
  3. If the ISP changes it's name or folds up, your address becomes invalid
  4. When small businesses share their personal email addresses with customers, it is not always easy to separate private and commercial matters
The Best Solution

The best, most inexpensive solution is to get a unique email address, the name of which relates to either your firm's name or the type of business you operate. For example, if your firm is called "Budget Tyres", you could get an email address like If you wanted an email address that covers the type of business you are in, you might get (WS stands for website).

How do you get the Email Address?

All you need do is buy a domain name eg, with a domain name registrar that provides an associated email address. Then, instead of an address like, you can use a number of prefixes with your own suffix eg, There are also numerous benefits in having your own email address that are not available with ISP provided email clients.

With your own domain name, you can decide only to use the email that comes with it, or to set up a Brochure Internet Site for your business if such an opportunity is available, which it is with Global Domains International.

Benefits of a Unique Address

With an ISP, it's common to get only ONE email address. That means everyone in your firm needs to use the same address. With your own domain-based email address you get options to have more than one which means you can have one for every employee in your department, for every work unit or whatever else you wish.

An added advantage is that you get a "catch all" address included in the offer. This means that email messages that would have "bounced" from your ISP, now get delivered to a nominated person in your business. No more lost opportunities! It works like this if your email address was
  1. Email addressed to "" gets directed to James' inbox
  2. Email incorrectly addressed to is directed to a specified address which could be because of the catch all system. It can then be routed to James.
Redirecting ISP Email to Your Domain Email Address

With a simple, slight modification at your ISP's webmail site, you can set it up so that anything that is sent to your ISP email address automatically gets forwarded to your new, unique business domain address. No need to worry about customers who are still using your old address.

In time you can change all your business cards, advertisements, tax invoices and other documents to show your domain-related address and eventually nobody will use the old ISP address.

Getting Your Domain and Domain-Based Email Address

There are thousands of domain name registrars who will sell you a domain name that comes with an email address and a small amount of complementary site hosting space. My favourite is Global Domains International that provides your business domain name, Internet site hosting, a SiteBuilder with templates so you can get your site up and running in minutes, 10 email addresses and, if and only if you want it, a commission from referrals to their offer all for $10 USD per month.

You can grab a domain name, Internet site and email for your business within the next 15 minutes. Take advantage of the 7 day free trial offer because if you find it's not for you, you can cancel and have lost nothing.


PS: Before you choose a domain name, why not download a complementary copy of my e-report "How to Choose a Domain Name" so you don't choose one that isn't the best for your business? You don't have to provide email address or any contact details, just download it in PDF format.

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