Monday, August 19, 2013

What Not to Put in Your Newsletters

A "news letter" as is interestingly defined in my very old, Collins Dictionary is:
"A small printed sheet issued at irregular intervals during the 17th century, giving the news and gossip of the coffee-houses."  
New names for the common newsletter have evolved with the new age of technology eg, e-news, ezine, emag, and of course blogs. But one essential ingredient hasn't, the fact that newsletters convey news and gossip.

Since the 17th century, we have moved on a little. First, we have joined the words news and letter. Also, we now usually have fixed, regular times at which we distribute our news and gossip and it's often done electronically, although there are still some publishers delivering hard-copied newsletters.

Unfortunately, some of the newsletters to which I have subscribed have been top to bottom advertising for someone's products or services. Hardly news or gossip.

If you have a newsletter and want it to be successful, you need to provide interesting content that will have readers looking forward to your next edition ... coming back year in, year out. They won't stay long if your newsletter is a sales blurb or products catalogue.

Don't send your clients a product catalogue or sales blurb and call it a newsletter. They'll hit the delete key quicker than you can say "Jack Frost".

Remember this when you write your next newsletter.

In my next post, I will discuss what should be in a newsletter and pre-selling.


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