Monday, August 12, 2013

Doing that Little Extra for Clients

Last night I attended Nails by Phuong where I had a couple of glasses of nice red wine, some good company, and too much Vietnamese food.

Phuong (far right in photo), as the name suggests, is a Vietnamese lady who runs a nail shop in my home town. She provides pedicures, manicures and a host of other things best left to the females of our community to describe, as I have no idea what they are and will only embarrass myself if I begin to explain.

Every few weeks I drop in and have a pedicure. We have a special deal where I forgo the leg massage, leg lotions and potions and just get my nails attended to. While I sit back in one of her back massage chairs, she or one of her staff attends to my usually neglected nails.

When Phuong invited me for dinner, I asked why she was holding this dinner for clients. She told me it was her way of thanking us for our business. After commenting about how she would never earn a retirement income from the pittance I pay her, she reminded me that every bit helps and that her business is doing well.

As there are several other nail businesses in town, I suggest that the reason her shop is doing better is because of Phuong's lovely personality and desire to please. She goes the extra mile.

It got me thinking about how important it is in business to do things that are a little different and special for clients. For example, the local Lasseters Casino sends me a birthday card and gift voucher every year without fail, despite the fact that I'm not a big spender, only usually attending their restaurants occasionally and squandering very small amounts on their slot machines about three times per year.

Although not all businesses can afford to give gift vouchers or greatly discounted products, it is often the small things that count eg, like including a small sweet in your parcels. People like novelty and they like to feel they are being treated as special.

What does your firm do to show clients they are truly appreciated?



  1. Ahhh......Lasseters! Have some lovely memories there.

  2. Hi Tina, we are still making memories at Lasseters. My golf buddy Darrell and I called in to the Juicy Rump on Friday after golf for coffee in lieu of McDonalds. Not bad coffee and we get a discount being members.


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