Monday, July 8, 2013

Seven Reasons Customers are Ditching Your Business

This article appeared in recently and has some good information for those of us with customers.

"HAVE things been a little quiet around the office lately?

Before you go blaming poor performance on a rough economy or high Aussie dollar, it may pay to check you aren't making mistakes that can lead to customers ditching your company.

Fiona Adler founded Word of Mouth Online seven years ago after trying to find a variety of tradespeople to complete a renovation.
It has since grown into a hub where customers can post reviews of over 300,000 businesses, however she said plenty of companies still make the basic mistake of focusing on new customers at the expense of existing ones.

"Rather than focusing your efforts on chasing new customers, looking at why customers aren't returning can be eye-opening and may require just a few tweaks to your customer communication to make a world of difference," she said.

Here are seven of the major reasons your customers might be leaving. Make sure you're not guilty of them.

Read the full, interesting article here."


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