Monday, July 29, 2013

How to Provide Information to Clients Online

When you provide information to clients online, you can do more harm than good if you go about it the wrong way.

When I want more information about something I've seen online, I prefer to be redirected to a page with further information, to download a file, or to receive information via email. If necessary, I will agree to receive information by snail mail. However, I don't want to provide my mobile phone number, my landline number or have anyone call me to answer my query.

The point is, all of us have preferences. I never, ever provide my mobile phone number because I don't want to receive sales calls, especially premium calls that cost ME money. So, what happens when I find a site that asks for my contact telephone number with no other options? I leave!

Today I clicked on a link to the Open Universities site to get information about a post graduate course. The only option available to obtain that information was to provide my name and telephone number so someone can telephone me. Guess what I did? Yes, that's right, I moved on.

Some of you will say I'm silly. Maybe, but the message here for businesses is to provide alternatives to meet different preferences of potential clients. Ask them how they prefer to receive your information. Do they prefer to:

  1. download an informative brochure
  2. have someone call them
  3. enquire via email
  4. telephone you
  5. visit another page?
By providing options, you will ensure that people can choose their preferred method and won't simply leave your site because the only method is unsuitable to them. Why risk losing a sale?


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  1. If you visit the Open Universities site you will see a telephone number. When I called it, it was the general contact number and the person who answered couldn't help with course information.


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