Monday, July 1, 2013

Don't Settle for a One Legged Stool When it Comes to Your SEO

by guest writer Joel Mayer
As we are starting to see happen all over the web – especially with the feared and hated Google Penguin and Panda updates – you need to make sure you have multiple tools and technologies working to provide your site with traffic or you’re playing a very dangerous game. 
Too often people look at the sheer volume of work that is needed to create even a single reliable source of traffic and then just try to leverage the one golden goose they have – only to find out that one day she doesn’t lay any more eggs. This leaves your business in an incredibly vulnerable spot, something that can only be protected against with multiple traffic sources or methods of getting traffic.
The most important thing you can do in the coming year – and for the rest of your business life – is to focus on building up multiple sources of traffic or leveraging multiple tools and technologies to create a multiple pronged effort
Think about everything you do in business and how critical a role leverage plays in all areas – you’ll soon see that the businesses that leave themselves open to being crippled by the drying up of a single source of traffic or revenue are almost always crushed when the marketplace or rules change. This is because they bought into the pipe dream that is “Once I master this I’m all set” – and there are a lot of reasons that they by so blindly into that mindset.
One of them has to do with the fact that less than ethical marketers are all too happy to push their junk as the next best thing in SEO or traffic generation – knowing full well that they are setting up their customers for a big drop when the bottom falls out. Another reason is that people see how hard it is to create one source of traffic and cannot imagine going through all of that multiple times, so they don’t. Regardless of the why, you need to make sure you don’t fall into this trap to protect your business.
Too many people set themselves up for online success with a real gangbuster of a traffic source – only to ride it till it dries up and find themselves wondering “What now?”
Setting up and securing your traffic generation sources for the future can be a daunting task – but the more streams you are able to add the more you’ll be able to weather storms of any kind. If Google decides tomorrow to completely change the rules for rankings you could see your business die in a few days – Panda and Penguin claimed literally hundreds of thousands of small businesses when they were rolled out. But if you have 4,5,6 – even 10 or more – different traffic sources you’ll never have to worry about one method getting changed or shut out. You’ll be able to still make money while addressing the problem with the source and adapting or moving on to something else. The important thing is you’ll still be in business and won’t be exposed.
Author Joel Mayer writes about SEM and reviews companies like AWM SEO

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  1. There's obviously big money in SEO ... I receive about four or five offers per month to optimize my sites. Most are Indian firms endeavouring to get my outsourced business. Some could be scams, but most seem genuine.

  2. To obtain the best possible presence on the web not just by SEO, also Integrating with social media resources is a must.

  3. Thanks for commenting Max. I agree. One has to have many elements to a good online business, the more the merrier. Relying on one or two, especially those controlled by others like Google, is a path to sudden death.


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