Thursday, July 4, 2013

Does Comparing Your Products Improve Sales?

Group Mail email marketing softwareSome firms provide comparative information about their products and services or how their services compare with others.

Comparisons can be an excellent aid for consumers when there are multiple options within one business or among several. For example, trying to find a mobile (cell) phone plan can be a nightmare given the multiple providers and dozens of different options that are available. Insurance purchasing can also be problematical with different firms offering different deals.

Comparing your own products or versions of products can be very helpful, as is the case with Infacta's comparison of it's Group Mail email marketing software shown in the table above. Buyers can do a quick comparison to decide which version best suits their needs. This may mean buying a less expensive version than planned or choosing the free, trial version with a view to giving the product a test run before committing finances.

The question of whether comparisons between products works, however, is a little more complex. While it might work for this product version, it might not work for others. Imagine trying to choose a four cylinder vehicle from one of the dozens of vehicle manufacturers. You set up a table and there is eventually so much information, it is confusing. And you buy the car your heart told you you prefer.

Comparing your products with others can work either for or against you. If your product is superior, it might pay to compare it with products from other providers.  But if your product isn't as good, would it be a good idea to compare products?

So, the answer to this question is probably this: if a product comparison will help better inform your prospective clients or help them decide what to buy, then it's probably a good idea. Conversely, if it looks like it will work against you, don't provide a comparison.

What do you think, do you agree or disagree with my findings?


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  1. Most people these days compare prices of which there is a wide variety. However, comparison tables are also handy to see what products or services provide what you want.


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