Thursday, July 25, 2013

Apps to Enhance Your Business Performance

The speed of technological change and the brilliant ideas people come up with always astonish me. The most current whizz-bangery seems to be "apps" or applications that carry out a wide range of different, impressive functions.

The rate at which "apps" are appearing on the market is simply staggering. My wife has become quite adept at downloading what seems like dozens of them to her iPhone, even one called "Find the Loo", which is helpful when we visit cities with which we are not familiar and need to find a public toilet. Most of the stuff she downloads though has to do with managing our financial accounts and games. Most are free.

From a business point of view, there are two key options when it comes to apps; we can download them to use in carrying out our daily tasks or we can have them made for our clients to help them interact better with our firm.

Useful Applications for Business Users

There are hundreds or perhaps thousands of apps useful for business. Here are a few random examples:

RedCritter from Microsoft is a project management application that could be used by anyone in your organization working on projects.

Business Tools for Chrome browser users has numerous applications suitable for business eg, contact management, currency converters, invoice generators, cash receipt journals, and much more. You name it, you'll find it on Chrome.

Apple App Store has a reported 900,000 applications. For anyone using Apple products like iPhone or iPad, these can be downloaded for as little as $0.99 USD per app.

One of my clients, an education provider, uses dozens of iPad apps for student use in such topics as temperature conversion, currency conversion, telling the time, identifying the elements etc.

The point is, apps are out there and available at relatively low cost. If you can use them in your business to make your work more effective or to save costs on major software programs, you should consider doing it.

Making Apps for Client Use

Increasing numbers of businesses are hiring programmers to develop apps for their clients. In fact, a whole business has spread up for apps developers a large number of which can be found at Guru.

Apps typically include such things as catalogue download, specials, purchasing, account management, ordering and associated applications. Anything that will continue the relationship between the business and it's clients is a useful application.

There is a whole world of opportunity out there when it comes to using or developing specific applications for your business. Have you taken up the opportunities available or are you behind the eight ball?



  1. Anonymous7:11 AM

    I could do with an app to improve my golf. Any you know of?

  2. Huh, if I knew there was such a golf app, I would have downloaded it long ago.


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