Thursday, June 13, 2013

When a Trojan Virus Locks Your Computer ...

When a trojan virus locks your computer, you can probably fix it yourself rather than go to the expense of hiring a computer specialist.

Last night my computer was infected by the Australian Federal Police virus. Suddenly, an official-looking screen with Australian police badges appeared on my screen to advise me that I had been doing something illegal, either breaching copyright, downloading child pornography or something else equally as sinister.

My computer had been locked and all I had to do to unlock it was to pay $100 using some firm I have never heard of called Ukash, or something similar. If I did that the screen said, my computer would be unlocked, otherwise legal action would be taken against me within a specified period.

Fortunately, I don't frighten easily, don't knowingly disobey the laws of our land and knew that this was obviously a scam ... a very good scam. Apparently, the same scam appears in different parts of the world with different details eg, the Los Angeles Police Department gets a showing as do many others.

Viruses are very annoying. I was unable to use my computer because I couldn't get past the AFP screen. However, I just happen to have a number of computers so I booted one of them and did a search for a fix and within minutes had found one called "Hitman Pro" produced by a firm I had never heard of, Surfright.

Surfright provides Hitman Pro software fix and it can be downloaded on a bootable USB drive. You close down the computer with the problem, stick in the USB drive and when booting, set up the system to boot from the USB drive. It's just a matter of following the sceeen prompts and after a few minutes, your problem has been solved.

My experience of viruses of this type is that there is someone, somewhere who has had the problem and come up with a fix. So, before you rush off to the computer store and pay to have someone fix your virus, have a go at doing it yourself. It's often easier than you think.


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  1. When my son returned from Vietnam recently he had a cold ... now I have it. If only viruses in the body were as easy to get rid of as a computer virus. Oh well, cough, cough, sniffle, sniffle ...


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