Monday, May 13, 2013

How Do You Find Your Consulting Opportunities?

Every couple of days I receive an email message offering to provide me with a range of search engine optimization (SEO) or related services. It's such a common request that I now have a canned response email with which I reply thanking them and declining their offers.

The Wordpress platform I use for my main business site has a site optimization plug-in which allows me to tweak my pages for whatever key words I wish. It's obviously not as sophisticated as hiring a consultant to do nothing else, but optimize my visibility to the purchasing world. But it's a good start.

Every few days someone downloads a copy of my Capability Statement from my site and a couple of times per month I am asked to discuss consulting opportunities. When I'm not busy, I accept. When necessary, I find my own clients and work.
How do I do this?

I approach people and organisations whom I feel could use my copy-editing, proofreading or instructional design services. Sometimes I email them and other times I send a fax (fax has the advantage of not being spam). I also drop off or post copies of my two fold brochure to local businesses.

One strategy that works ... given that I'm a business communication consultant, is to surf the web for Internet sites that need attention and to offer my services to improve their grammar, English expression, or to upgrade them to meet the Australian Government's guidelines for business sites. This is a worthwhile strategy because it brings in work almost on demand.

Because I don't need to work, (but do so to keep my brain going) it doesn't matter if I have days or weeks without work. However, if I have a lean period and feel like working, the above strategy usually brings in several days work from those who respond positively to my approach.

Although my approach may not suit everyone, especially those people who are much younger, have mortgages, kids at school etc, it's a good back-up system that works for me at least some of the time. It should work for you too.

Do you hire or work as a consultant in any discipline? Write a comment and share with readers how you find your consulting opportunities.


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  1. Shortly after I had posted this, I received an email from the Northern Territory Government's online request for quotations/tenders system inviting me to tender for two consultancies.

    I hadn't mentioned it in the blog, but if you can get listed on relevant sites that send out requests for tender ... make it part of your strategy.


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