Tuesday, April 23, 2013

An Outstanding Online Ordering System - Domino's Pizza!

Domino's Pizza has an absolutely top rate online ordering system that is an exemplar of best practice for anyone designing a similar system.

When my grandson, who is spending a few days with me, asked if we could have pizza last night, I agreed and said we could drive down town and order it. He told me we could order it online and within minutes had the Domino's Pizza site up and running. (Amazing what an 11 year old can do today isn't it?)

He worked me through the very simple process which made me worry about how much pizza his mum lets him eat. We selected our pizza and had a chance to select a variety of different embellishments, sauces or pizza bases. Next I entered my credit card details and the Live Pizza Tracker appeared in front of me.

I couldn't believe my eyes. Here was an actual production cycle for OUR pizza among possibly thousands purchased online across the length and breadth of Australia. I had some doubts. For example, I thought the tracker would simply display a standard production cycle the same for every user, however, I understand that is not the case.

Within a few minutes our pizza was in the making stage ... then cooking and while it had 10 minutes to go, I drove the 5 km to the store in Alice Springs. There was my order, ready to pick up.

I walked into the shop and in less than 30 seconds walked out with my pizza. How good is that?

I was blown away. The use Domino's Pizza has made of the online ordering system is outstanding ... as was the pizza.

There are numerous examples of outstanding sites and systems out there in webland and they are becoming more sophisticated as technology advances.

If you have a business site that is mainly geared up to make sales, how can you make it better so that it's an industry leader? Please let me know if you have an outstanding site or know of one by writing a comment.



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