Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Will You Scrap Your Current Email for Microsoft's Outlook.Com?

According to this article, Microsoft is about to launch it's Outlook.Com email platform with an accompanying $30-90 million dollar advertising campaign. It's in direct opposition to it's competitor, Gmail.

I've used Gmail for most of the nine years it has been online and I've never had a problem with it. It is feature laden and even allows me to use different sender addresses which means I can appear to some people under my personal pseudonym and to others in my business capacity. I use filtering extensively, have dozens of folders and with a few exceptions Gmail does everything I expect and more.

Some of the things it does I find childish, however, Gmail has a huge audience, so it has to satisfy everyone. But you can turn on and off the things you want or don't want. No trouble. Outlook.Com is an unknown and therefore there is an element of risk.

I've used Hotmail previously but eventually got the flick for spamming without any opportunity to defend myself, and never went back. At that time I didn't like the adverts that appeared on my email. I'm not sure if they are still used today. Gmail has advertisements, but they are unobtrusive. When you get a system as good as Gmail free, you really can't object to a few advertisements.

When Outlook.Com launches in the near future, will you scrap your current email and make the transition?

Here's a word of advice. Gmail is tried and tested, Outlook.Com isn't. I will be staying with Gmail (it's called customer loyalty) but I will review Outlook to see whether it is any better than Gmail and if it is light years better, then I may keep my Gmail account for business and transfer my personal email to Outlook.Com ... or vice versa.

My suggestion is that you don't act in haste. Spend a good time evaluating Outlook.Com against what you are using at present before you make the switch. Like a marriage made in haste, you can repent at leisure.


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