Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Working Smarter: Goal Setting for 2013

It's so true: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Every business (and perhaps every person) needs to plan. If they don't, how will they know what their goals are and how they are going to reach them? How will they know when they have achieved them?

I've been involved in planning on and off for decades; regional plans, strategic plans, operational plans, business plans, career plans, marketing plans, and Human Resources plans. You name it, I've done it or helped someone else do it. The most important thing I learnt about planning ... any kind of planning ... is that it needs to be sufficient for your needs, no more and no less.

Finding a balance between the amount of planning one does and the number of goals is perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of planning. Five hundred page plans with 300 goals may be too much. Three page plans with four goals might be too little.

However, if you are confused about planning, you are in luck. I'm going to share an email I received from Paul Smithson (with permission) who runs a firm called Intellimon that sells market leading software and Internet related courses. For the past couple of years, Paul has generously distributed his free Goal Setting Report around this time of year.

Here's his email:
Hi Robin
According to experts, the majority of New Year's resolutions are never achieved. Bad news huh!
I'm a BIG believer in goal setting. I genuinely think goals make the difference between success and failure, which is why I put together a free ebook which encourages and helps you to set some goals for yourself for the next twelve months.
Trust me when I say that if you can get your goals right (and I will help you do that) you'll be AMAZED at the results you can achieve.
The report goes above and beyond the basics of goal setting - and includes the secrets top executives use for how to ACHIEVE those goals too! Techniques that I use myself
And I don't want a penny for this little ebook. Why not?
Well, if it helps you - even in just a small way - to achieve your goals over the coming year then that will be enough of a reward for me.
Head over to www.goal-setting-report.com to download your free copy of 'The Goal Setting Report' today!
Wishing you every success in 2013!
Paul Smithson
Paul's Goal Setting Report is excellent and I highly recommend it. Why not follow the link above right now and download Paul's report? 

After you've had a read, please comment and let us know what you think about it. You could also tell us something about your planning process. Remember, we are here to learn.

What do YOU think is the number one problem with plans?


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  1. Don't forget to download your Gantt charts from the Gifts tab ... you'll find them very helpful when planning.


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