Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Using E-mail to Establish and Retain Client Relationships

Most organisations, even those as small as mine, rely on email to establish and retain client relationships. They do this in a variety of ways that include:
  1. Distribution of newsletters, sales notifications, catalogues, invoices, and appointment notifications
  2. Answering client queries
  3. Confirming client orders
  4. Sending quotations
In the worst cases, small businesses use Yahoo, Hotmail and other addresses that relate to their Internet Service Providers eg, in Australia it could be or perhaps Not only does it not look professional, if they change their ISP, their email suffix will change too. When I see such an email address being used by a small business, I wonder about the size and capability of the business. Why? It's so inexpensive to get a domain name and associated email address and I wonder why a business would project a "we can't afford a real email address" image.

So, the first necessity for all businesses is to have their unique domain name and an email based on that domain name. For example, my firm's domain name is and I have email addresses based on that ie,

As long as you have the domain name, you have your unique email address. And any old email provider will do if you just want to send and receive email to clients. However, if you want to do some really fancy stuff like addressing email to all of those people in your client database who live in a particular postal code area, or to place each person's name at the beginning of their email, you need to buy a specialist program that is better than the run of the mill programs like MS Outlook, Thunderbird.

The most efficient, inexpensive and cost effective system I have found is Group Mail. I have been using it successfully for about six years to do all my bulk emailing. It allows me to import email addresses from other programs and send messages to various customers right from my desktop within minutes. It has dozens of HTML templates for newsletters or other important messages.

A Perfect Application

One of my clients owns a hairdressing shop and uses Group Mail to keep in contact with her customers. She periodically emails special deals and tips about hair care. What she likes most though, is that when she finds she has a low appointment day, she emails a group of clients whom she knows are probably due for a haircut and offers them a discount if they attend on that day. She has her system set up so well that she can choose almost any group of clients at the drop of a hat. Better still, her staff, who would have been sitting about twiddling their thumbs and getting paid, now have clients to serve. It takes hardly any time and everyone wins.

You can win too if you use Group Mail or a similar program in your business. Group Mail comes in three versions, one of which is fully functional and free. The other versions are surprisingly inexpensive and a very worthwhile investment and addition to your automated office.

If you need to improve your client relationships and implement an innovative approach to email, Group Mail is the way to go. Check it out now.

Do you use another program to ramp up your email management? Tell us all about it.


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  1. What about autoresponders like AWeber? They are excellent, but have a limited focus. Programs like Group Mail give you much more control and everything works from your PC, laptop or mobile device.


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