Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Excellence in Site Design and Marketing Strategy

I just had to share this with you. I've found a site that is attractive, clean, neat, colourful, crisp, and which uses a clearly defined and unique marketing strategy. I wish I had found it six years ago.

For years I taught post secondary students to design web sites and during my classes I always provided examples of sites ranging from pretty ordinary to excellent. Unfortunately, the site I'm about to reveal to you wasn't available to me then, so I used others.

I would ask students to visit the sites and provide me with feedback on several key criteria. Occasionally I would ask them to compare two or three sites and tell me which was best. It was all part of getting them to think about design characteristics, what works and what doesn't.

Web sites have evolved from those of a decade ago whose main intention appeared to be to show off their Macromedia Flash applications and general whizz-bangery (no, it's not in my dictionary either). They were cluttered and often missed the objective of providing information as they showed how wonderful their graphics displays were.

The site I'm talking about belongs to stationery firm Larry Post in Freshwater, New South Wales, Australia.

We have a saying in Australia, "As happy as Larry" as in, "I'm as happy as Larry" and Larry Post seems to have integrated that theme into the site. It's a "happy" site demonstrating a sense of humour, some excellent graphics (the graphic above is a crop from their site) without being overdone and the marketing strategy is based on surprising someone with a gift from Larry Post. It's a novel approach.

I've ordered stock from them and found it arrived attractively packed with a Larry Post card that was unique ... special and different from other suppliers.

Without doing a complete site analysis, I'd encourage you to visit Larry Post and take a look yourself. Get back to me and your fellow readers and let us know what you think. Do you agree with me when I say it's an excellent site?


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  1. Another site I used to train students was:, a nicely designed and presented gift site.


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