Thursday, December 6, 2012

Working Smarter: You Learnt Management Where?

After a short while studying management theory, I could see immediately why the organisation for which I worked was so poorly organised. The more I learnt, the more the fog lifted. Here was excellent theory that nobody seemed to practise.

I was working in a Police Commissioner's Office reviewing police procedures and issuing revised or new procedures to resolve operational issues. These were distributed via Commissioner's Instructions (every second Thursday as required) and then permanently integrated into the Police Manual.

Many of the procedures had been developed before or shortly after World War II and were obsolete or ridiculous in the modern policing era. None of the executive management of the police force had tertiary qualifications and very few middle managers had more than about an eighth grade high school education. Some of the senior sergeants in charge of police stations had trouble writing a coherent complex sentence.

So, it should have come as no surprise to me that the organisation for which I worked lacked good management and organisation.

Apart from learning to type at 60 words per minute, to read, write and do mathematics, management theory was the most useful thing I ever studied. All throughout my several careers I have applied management theory to managing people and activities and have found it very useful.

If you manage people or a business and haven't studied management or leadership theory, I highly recommend it as a most useful tool. Get out there and begin one of the management programs today!


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